Cleaning with nanotechnologies. How does it actually work?

Thanks to nanotechnology, you can simplify and shorten your cleaning. This will give you more time for your family, your friend, hobbies and interests.

You can have windows and mirrors that do not steam up. Faucets, tiles, and joints on which limescale does not settle. Clothes and shoes that do not get wet and dirt does not stick to them. All this is possible. All thanks to nanotechnology.


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But how does it actually work?
You may not have heard the word nanotechnology yet, or you may not have associated it with cleaning. But their use brings such benefits that it is worth at least to try.

The so-called "nano" compositions contain nanoparticles with a size of 1-100 nm, ie 10-9 m (approximately ten-thousandths of the thickness of a human hair).

The nanoparticles are so small that they penetrate even into microscopic cracks and folds of any surface. Due to their action, they dissolve dirt and pull it to the surface, where it is very easy to wipe it even without mechanical scrubbing.

The nano protection after application perfectly heal the surface and make it perfectly smooth. Any dirt, water, oil, dust, etc. won´t stick to such a surface. This will make the subsequent cleaning much easier and faster by up to 80%. The materials also protect against wear, UV radiation, limescale, etc.

This principle is based on the nature and behaviour of some plants. A typical example is the lotus flower and its properties. The surface of its leaves has highly hydrophobic properties, thanks to the huge number of bumps of one billionth of a meter that cover its surface. As a result, any dirt on its surface is very difficult to retain, and if so, the first rain washes it away. The lotus flower is still clean and this phenomenon is called the lotus flower effect.

Our products work on the effect of the lotus flower. Nano particles create an invisible layer on the surface, which has strong self-cleaning properties (hydrophobic, oleophobic effect). At the same time, however, the vapor-permeable properties of the material are preserved, since the nano elements themselves do not adhere to the surface by means of a binder, but by means of chemical bonds and magnetic forces. Thanks to this, the resulting protection is resistant to frost and moisture and is not affected by frequent temperature changes or chemicals.

It is amazing that you can lend these self-cleaning properties to any material.

The protective film only disappears by mechanical wear or gradual weathering, so this layer needs to be renewed over time. Nano protection significantly extends the interval required for maintenance and speeds it up and makes it easier. In addition, it is also cheaper, because ordinary water is enough to remove impurities.

You can safely use our funds for home furniture, appliances, floors, building elements (glass and window frames, doors, window sills, etc.), sanitary ware (showers, bathtubs, etc.), etc., kitchen appliances (ceramic hobs, ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc., as well as outdoor furniture, tiles, wooden decks, fences, swimming pools, whirlpools, and other elements



Up to 80% higher efficiency
than conventional cleaners

and biodegradable


Safe and
environmentally friendly

Made in
Czech Republic