How to use nano cleaners and protections correctly?

We often hear questions about the use of nanotechnics. Are they used the same as regular cleaners? Do I need any training in order to use these products? Is their usage safe? And more. Therefore, we have decided in this article to summarize the basic rules for their use.

But there is nothing to fear at all. This is not difficult.


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Read the instructions
Always read the instructions before the first application. For the product to work properly, the exact application procedure given on the package must be followed. Both for cleaners and protections.

In addition, the protections must be applied to a perfectly cleaned surface, even for completely new products. Washing with water alone is not enough, it is necessary to use special means designed for this (link). Then allow the surface to dry thoroughly.

The ambient temperature is also important, it should not be lower than 10 ºC, and the temperature of the treated area must not exceed 30 ºC. Only 3-4 hours after application, the product is safely dry and waterproof. However, do not apply any other chemicals to the treated surfaces for the next 48 hours. If the surface becomes dirty over time, just rinse with water or a simple biological cleaner. It is not advisable to use aggressive abrasives.

Don't waste
Alori nano cleaners and protective agents are 80% more effective than conventional cleaners. Therefore, only a small amount is needed when using them. Most people are used to using cleaners according to the motto "the more, the better". This is due to the low efficiency of conventional cleaners, which we are used to. This does not work with Alori products. It is really enough to use a small amount of product for the result to be perfect. Save your money and don't waste it unnecessarily.

It is safe?
All Alori products are certified for home use. They meet the strict standards of the Czech Republic and the European Union. You do not have to worry about the product hurting you if it comes in contact with your skin. In most cases, just wash it with water. Nevertheless, we recommend using gloves when using them.

Our products are also 100% biodegradable. On each package, you will find a telephone number for the Toxicology Center in Prague, where there is a non-stop helpline in emergency situations. Although we believe that none of these will occur when using our products.



Up to 80% higher efficiency
than conventional cleaners

and biodegradable


Safe and
environmentally friendly

Made in
Czech Republic