Nano Protection for Older Paintwork

  • Car care
  • spray400 ml

Do you need to revive the paintwork of your car?

Get rid of minor scratches and damage?

And all in the comfort of home without the need for expensive applications?

Then you have found the right product!

The application is enough for 2 cars.

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The set for the protection of older varnish is specially developed for the restoration and renovation of old surfaces. It represents a leader in the development of car cosmetics. It is a polymer nano protection with a strong UV filter. It is made on the basis of fluoropolymers. Restores shine, brightens colours and at the same time protects the varnish for six months. After application, an ultra-thin, invisible, ultra-hydrophobic layer forms on the varnish with protection against subsequent contamination, handprints, deposition of mineral and calcium coatings, oxidation, as well as against scratches and abrasion. The product is very resistant to chemical cleaning agents. With its hydrophobic effect, it protects the treated surface from the effects of water and pollution. Thanks to the antistatic effect, the application significantly facilitates the subsequent cleaning of the surface without the need to use hazardous chemicals.

Method of application: Use a clean cloth for application, preferably made of microfibre or non-woven fabric.

The application is enough for 2 cars.

The set includes:

1x Wax remover 100 ml

1x Shampoo for hand washing 100 ml

1x Nano regenerating paste 100 ml

1x Nano covering wax 100 ml

1x Microfibre cloth 40 x 40 cm blue

1x Application pad blue

Consumption approx. 10 ml / m2. The set is sufficient for 2-3 complete applications.

  • Easy application without the use of a varnish polisher
  • It creates a high gloss and silky effect on the surface
  • Renovates the paint and heals small scratches on the varnish
  • Excellent long-term protection
  • UV protection
  • Prevention of surface pollution
  • Thanks to water retraction, it facilitates subsequent cleaning
  • Significantly extends the life of the surface
  • Resistance to washing in car wash and high pressure cleaning
  • Low consumption, around 10 ml / m2
EAN: 8594195507502

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Up to 80% higher efficiency
than conventional cleaners

and biodegradable


Safe and
environmentally friendly

Made in
Czech Republic