Nano Textile Protection

  • Textile and leather
  • spray500 ml

Your clothes and shoes will no longer get wet.

Protect your clothes and shoes from getting wet and stains of all kinds.

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  • Textile fabricTextile fabric
Use on:
  • Seats and armchairs
  • Chair upholstery
  • Clothes
  • Footwear
  • Purses
  • Fabric caps
  • Awnings
  • Pet beds
  • Tablecloths
  • Tents
  • Backpacks
  • Gloves
  • Seats

TIP: you can use it on clothes, shoes, handbags, awnings, animal beds, tablecloths, tents, backpacks, gloves, car seats, car seats.

Nano textile protection Alori creates an invisible nanolayer on the textile surface. Nanoparticles easily penetrate the structures of textile materials and form an invisible nanolayer around the fibres, which repels impurities and liquid molecules. Foreign substances cannot penetrate the textile fibre, which resists moisture, dirt, and stains, even from aggressive substances such as coffee, blood, red wine, oil, fats, food residues, chemicals. All liquids from the surface of the treated fabric simply drain. The product strengthens the fabric against abrasion and protects it from UV radiation and weathering (rain, snow, frost, and de-icing salts). The surface treatment with our product is not visible and there are no changes to the touch (it is non-sticky and perfectly breathable). It has a self-cleaning effect. The created layer prevents the existence of bacteria, moss, fungi, and algae and creates a very hygienic surface. Very high resistance to textile aging. The invisible film does not change the original appearance of the textile.

Treated textile:

Changes its surface properties without changing the appearance or breathability
Will be resistant to water, oils, and other liquids
Will be resistant to dirt
Requires less cleaning frequency and reduced detergent consumption
A  "lotus flower effect" is created on the surface of the fibres
Consumption is between 25-100 ml / m2 depending on the thickness and absorbency of the textile to which the protection is applied. You can use the approximate equation: 10ml / m2 for each millimeter of material thickness. For the best results, the surface must absorb the nano impregnation as much as possible! The whole package lasts approximately for 5 square meters.

It is supplied in a spray for easier use and savings. This ensures a simple and even application of the product to the selected textile. The bottle has a round shape, holds very well, and does not slip out of the hands when used.

Why buy:

  • Universal use
  • Protection of textiles and footwear from getting wet
  • Protection against resistant stains
  • Extends the life of textiles
  • Wear protection
  • It does not change the appearance of the fabric
  • Odourless
  • Self-cleaning effect
  • The nanolayer is resistant to mechanical abrasion

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Up to 80% higher efficiency
than conventional cleaners

and biodegradable


Safe and
environmentally friendly

Made in
Czech Republic